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CLA WELCOME!! March 21, 2006

Posted by Ally Evans in Business Case, Change Teams, Measurement, PDSA, Senior Leadership, Walk-through & Flowcharts.

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1. eldon edmundson - March 21, 2006

Ally – responding to your test.


2. ssmid - March 24, 2006

Responding to this…I hope?

3. ssmid - March 24, 2006

I am totally overwhelmed as it seems that all of the momentum and direction of my “project” has TOTALLY changed. I think that the change is a good one but…In speakign with my ES, AND as a result of some challenges experienced, I am changing my first change cycle 100%. Has anyone ever or presently working with a Session Rating Scale, SRS ( a la Scott Miller)? I am curious as I am going to implement the use of this scale to encourage continuation through increased investment/empowerment of clients through provision of feedback on the effectiveness of the sessions…I hope! Any thoughts or experience with SRS? Tips for implementation?…HELP!!

4. jbureman - March 27, 2006

I’ve never heard of a SRS…is it something you can explain in 25 words or less?

John Bureman

5. eedmundson - March 28, 2006

John – If I understand it right, the Session Rating Scale addresses client satisfaction with the session they completed. It asks questions about how they felt about the interactions, whether or not they feel they are valued, etc.

Some sites using it are looking for ways to better respond to client needs, and give feedback to the counselor about what the client (s) think about the session. They use it as a process improvement tool along with ways to engage and get feedback from clients.

Sinnissippi is one site that has worked with it. Natalie Andrews would be a good contact there.


6. eedmundson - March 28, 2006

A question: In a discussion today with some of the coaches, a question came up about the need for tension to support a change. That is, there must be a need for change before an agency is willing to spend energy and resources.

How have your teams addressed or created a sense of urgency for the proposed change. IE, why do it?


7. kaichner - March 28, 2006

Mark Dodd @ Priarie Ridge has implemented and sustained a change based on SRS. He is a good source of information for this evidenced based practice.

Kim Aichner

8. ssmid - March 30, 2006

Thanks for the info on the SRS and the resources. I am just returning from a vacation and I am excited to get on it. For anyone who isn’t familiar with SRS see talkingcure.com

Scott Miller and his people created and work with it. I am excited to see what we can do with it…

9. gdrake - March 30, 2006

Recently granted approval by ES for reduction in no shows for psychiatric appointments. Walk-through conducted at clinic site revealed a less than customer friendly process. Enlisted the services of several agency staff for team membership and one consumer. Plan to construct a flow-chart at next change team 4-4-06. Is there an optimum number for a team?

10. Katherine - March 31, 2006

When I got back, several meetings were set up for possible change teams. In addition to the original outpatient change team looking at timeliness/reducing waiting times, we have begun a Business Case change team for outpatient services and another change team at Detox with a continuation aim. For the Business Case CT, on April 13 all available staff members will be split into two focus groups to answer barriers and incentives to increased self-pay fees using the NGT. Additionally, 2 walkthroughs have already been conducted at Detox and charted, we’ve decided on a goal, and our first PDSA cycle is scheduled for April 10. Next week we will be collecting baseline data. It’s a good start, but a busy time…

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