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Question March 28, 2006

Posted by kaichner in General.

We have completed our first change cycle for the AIM of increasing admissions (we went from 17 to 23 completed assessments in 5 days).  We are now in our second change cycle.  Should I be putting this on the NIATx website as well? It is in our OP level of care.

 Kim Aichner



1. Ally Evans - March 30, 2006

Hi Kim – YES, I definately recommend that you enter your cycle data on the NIATx website. This will allow you to track your progress over time and allows both you and us to see all of the changes cycles that have been tested in your organisation and the impact they have had.

2. Nadia Guevara - March 30, 2006

I am also intersted in increasing admissions at our residential program. In the month of February we had many admissions but also many left within a very few days of being admitted. These women left the center within the first week. What will be soem suggestions on what to look at first.

3. Kim Aichner - March 30, 2006

Hi Nadia, it sounds like admissions is not the problem but instead it is continuation. I suggest that you change your AIM to focus on early continuation rates. Has anyone done a walk-through for what the women experience in their first week of treatment and completed a flow chart of the process? It may be an eye opening experience. It was for us. Good Luck!

4. Nadia Guevara - March 30, 2006

Yes, Thank you Kim. I need to focus on continuation. I have not done a wlak-through on this program, this is probably the first thing to do. Thanks.

5. Ally Evans (NIATx) - April 6, 2006

Nadia – I would definately suggest a walk-through as the first step in this process. It will allow you to see how things currently ‘feel’ for customers. It will identify some key problems that you might want to address (i.e. what’s happening in the system that might be making women leave so early on) and hopefully will stimulate some thoughts on how you can improve (i.e. what can you do to engage these women and keep them in treatment longer)…

6. Angie - April 12, 2006

We tried the buddy system, but with a staff member like a tech that has to supervise them anyway. We found that not only did the women get more motivated to stay longer, but the staff members reported feeling like they were really making a difference with the clients and their job was easier since the women saw a buddy not someone looking after their shoulder and looking for violations. Hope this helps any.

7. Mariana Gerena - April 19, 2006

Angie, why did you chose to use a staff member as a buddy instead of a person who had been in treatment longer? I am curious because right now we have a big sister approach to this issue but would be interested to know if a staff member makes more sense. Also, could you please tell me a little more on the job description of a tech? Thanks!

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