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SWFAS Youth Outpatient March 28, 2006

Posted by cblount in PDSA.

Our first PDSA cycle appears to be successful and we are beginning our second change cycle this week to continue trying to decrease our no show rate for assessments.  We are excited! 



1. jford - March 28, 2006

It is great that the first change generated such excitement. What was the first change cycle? Why do you think it worked? How did it create excitement within the change team?

Jay Ford

2. cblount - March 28, 2006

It was just a tiny success, but because it was so specific, it helped to promote the concept that one small change can make a difference and doesn’t take a lot of work. As I talked with my team members, they began to brainstorm and seemed to enjoy coming up with little changes we could implement one at a time. These are all things we have talked about for a long time, but had no idea how to implement until now without being overwhelmed. Now, it is doable and I think that is what excited everyone.

Carrie Blount

3. cblount - March 28, 2006

I forgot to mention that the first change was having two probation officers give out “Welcome Packets” with forms to complete before the assessment to the clients in hopes that they would feel more invested and come to the appointment. Only a few were scheduled for last week but they all showed up even though they had not completed the packets.

CBlount, SWFAS

4. Angie M. - March 31, 2006

that sounds great, we are planning to meet with juvenile probation officers in the next two weeks or so for increase continuation in our Juvenile Outpatient program.

5. cblount - April 25, 2006

We completed our second PDSA last week and had a 99% success rate when we were able to contact the client via phone 24 hours prior to the appointment. The show rate decreased if we had to leave a message or obviously no contact was made at all. We are implementing e-mailing the JPO’s w/in 24 hours following no shows to get the adolescents rescheduled asap. The first PDSA is failing because the information packets are not being distributed by the JPO’s consistently. But, overall, our no show rate has decreased as desired.

CBlount, SWFAS

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