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looking for ideas March 29, 2006

Posted by tvarner in General.

I am just writing to let everyone know that I think that the biggest challenge that I have had since returning is finding the time to LEAD the team.  I have met with my Executive Officer two times and set one meeting…. where we talked about the frustrations that many have had – and to clarify the aim.. NOW we will start to move forward.. Any ideas to motivate people to want to work on my team when there are other teams that are already in process???



1. dmoore - March 30, 2006

When I took the position that I am in right now, there were already several teams put together, and as a result, I experienced a little of what you are referring to. We have done a couple of things to bring motivated people on to the newest team; one has been trying to ask people who have not been participating on a team and the other is to try and assess the impact potential changes could have on the individuals job in choosing (these are probably things that you have already thought about). The other thing we have done is to reconfigure some of the existing teams so that some key people are freed up to participate on the new team. This has seemed to reinvigorate them to some extent as it is a new focus. I will be interested to see some other comments on this as well, as I definitely don’t have it figured out.

2. Nadia Guevara - March 30, 2006

I am struggling with the same issue of getting the Change Team organized. I have selected the people to be involved for the two programs that we have because finding the time for one more meeting is what has been difficult. We are thinking about the possibility of not adding one more meeting but replacing an existing meeting so that we can began working as a team.

3. tking - March 30, 2006

Hi Nadia, Sounds like it would be a good idea to change (replace) an existing meeting rather than to try and schedule a new meeting. One more meeting can be a killer and you might lose the momentum that you have built so far.

4. gdrake - March 30, 2006

People in general, I believe, tend to be more interested and involved when the practical benefits to them, their programs, their work load are identified. Thus the principle, I suppose, of picking the issues that keep the CEO up at night. I think the same principle on a smaller scale can be applied to potential team members. The question I ask myself when asked to participate in a change process is this: Will my investment of time, knowledge and effort bring about a tangible result or benefit to me, my team and especially my clients that will justify the investment.

5. Helen Singh Benn - March 31, 2006

The investment of time is the biggest buy in when gathering a group to focus on change. What we did is had a meeting about the meetings and consolidated three meetings into one. Therefore, we can have the change team meeting without it being another “meeting”, and have the staff efforts focused on process improvement.

Helen Singh Benn

6. Rick - April 7, 2006

I agree with many of the comments already posted including that it is hard to motivate people who haven’t had success. Maybe you could borrow some brainpower and enthusiasm from one of the other, existing change teams by getting a few of those folks to join your team. They could benefit your new team with their positive stories and experience.

7. eedmundson - April 11, 2006

Tracy – you may already have enough feedback. A couple of things I have heard from some change leaders and experienced myself is sometimes the target, ie change, relates more to an issue I want to change, versus something others want to change. This then creates a change that others believe does not impact them or worth their time. A possible solution I have used is having them involved in helping define or refine an problem to target as a way to help in them see how a change will impact them and lead to better engagement.


8. tracy varner - April 19, 2006

Thanks for all of the ideas- it is so good to have so much support. I am very energized about my team at this time. I went small and strong this time and then I will develop from there- I think that I kept thinking that I needed to have more people- like some of the teams that we have= I invited one person from each area that my changes will impact and I am going from there. Thanks again everyone, I hope that I help others along the way too.

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