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First PDSA April 7, 2006

Posted by pjohnston in PDSA.

Two weeks ago the Vanguard program for adult women with children implemented its first PDSA with the aim to increase admissions. The program is sending an e-mail to its funding sources weekly reporting the number of beds available. The problem is collecting e-mail addresses to add to the distribution list, as the program was never one to use the computer. However, the distribution list is being added to slowly and our marketing and admissions department is helping. They are also part of the change team. We’ve sent out the availability e-mail only twice now and it is a little to early to tell of any impact. I can say we have not had any responses to it that we know of, but the distribution list needs to be expanded.



1. Ally Evans (NIATx) - April 7, 2006

Are others using similar outreach and marketing methods for increasing admissions? If so, how successful have they been and can you offer Pam and tips?

2. Thomas King - April 18, 2006

We considered using a weekly mass e-mail to inform agencies that we had open beds at St. Christopher’s but have had second thoughts
based on several factors. First was just the difficulty of obtaining a list of current e-mail addressess since many of our referring agencies
have regular staff turnover. Second was the difficulty of trying to measure if this was an effective marketing tool. We haven’t completely abandoned the idea and have added a place on our admissions form for referrant to add their e-mail address. We have had success with using a “biltz” fax announcing that we have open beds by utilizing a feature on the fax machine that stores 100 fax numbers. At the end of the day a fax is sent out announcing that we have open beds and this is faxed to 100 agencies. This has been successful so far.

3. pjohnston - July 4, 2006

It’s been a while since my visit. Sorry.

Thanks for the feebdack. It may be we will have to do the mass faxing as the e-mail option is not working. We are unable to send out a bed avilability report on a regular basis due to continued computer and internet problems and the staff person responsible is just not very computer savy. I will check out the fax machine at the program to see if they have the option to store multiple numbers for “blitz” faxing. This might be something the marketing department might take on as a way to improve admissions and not the program.

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