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Adolescent admissions April 19, 2006

Posted by ckeebaugh in General, PDSA.

We have made a distribution of program information to area high schools in an effort to increase admissions. Have not gotten  any response as yet. We are meeting to discuss this and what we will do, continue information effort in different area, like pediatric doctors, or do something different. Team is still excited about the efforts. ckeebaugh



1. Nadia Guevara - April 24, 2006

Schools are excellent referral sources. At our adolescent program, we have a program that goes to the schools and we offer educational programs with the students. This has been a very important source to identify adolescents in need of treatment, having this irelationship with the schools is very helpful.

2. eedmundson - May 23, 2006

Clyde – how has your project progressed. In another setting, but, also working with schools, we had experiences similar to Nadia’s, ie the personal contact and offering something to the schools (in our case guest speakers on science topics) worked significantly better than did just sending information.

the key for us was making the personal contact with a teacher in the school.


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