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Change Teams May 15, 2006

Posted by szimmerman in Change Teams, General.

The first change team has met twice, done a flow chart and made some interesting decisions on intervention.  The goal was to increase admissions to our batterers intervention program.  We have done some meetings with probation officers and are now waiting to see what the impact will be.



1. rredmond - May 15, 2006

We’ve had limited success when our process change was to reach out to referral sources alone, though it certainly needed to be done. We found it helpful to identify a process change that would make it very easy for the referral source to get their person in (go get them, eliminate a step or two of paperwork, see them immediately -something like that). Hope it goes well –

Rick Redmond

2. Dave Mehta - June 12, 2006

We have given our screening forms to various drug court coordinators that refer lot of consumers to us who are waiting in jail for a bed to a residential treatment. Drug Ct Coordinators fill out the necessary invformation needed on that screening form and fax back to us and our admissions staff looks at the information and approves them depending on their meeting our criteria and we immediately put them on list. For us screening the clients who are in jail was a big trouble and this process has certianly eliminated that problem. Thanks.

3. Nadia Guevara - June 13, 2006


This sounds like avery good idea. I am assuming that this gave them the opportunity to screen more individuals. How much of an increase did you see in the waiting list?

4. Sally Zimmerman - June 26, 2006

When we met with probation offices and gave them Releases of Information so that men they were referring to the batterers’ intervention program could sign a release immediately. This means that when clients do not show for an appointment, the PO can be notified. This does eliminate a big time lag/information gap for the POs. Admissions have increased in the last month, so we are hoping this will continue.

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