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Detox Change Team PDSA 1 Results May 31, 2006

Posted by kbryant in Change Teams, General.

One goal was to go from 13.1% to 40% in treatment referrals being made as our contracted goal is 35.8%. During the first PDSA cycle, we collected additional baseline data in which 26 detox clients were discharged during the period 4/3-4/7/06.

Findings: 1) All discharged clients were referred somewhere; 2) Approx. 35% were referred to some form of substance abuse treatment; and 3) Most clients refused the treatment referral.

Discussion: Our 35% finding is already near our contracted goal of 35%. However, two training issues were found that needed to be corrected. We will run a second PDSA cycle after retraining to verify. Also, based upon staff input, we will create referral agency list to provide for clients.



1. Helen Singh Benn - June 23, 2006

In your findings, you state that 65% refused the treatment referral. Any thoughts as to why such a high number of clients are not progressing to the next level of care?

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