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Next Steps June 8, 2006

Posted by edavenport in General.

The Admission Change Team has successfully completed and implemented the first series of PDSA. Now, the team is looking at ways to improve customer service. This area was identified during the walk through as needing improvement. We are struggling with the idea whether to facilitate a focus groups with clients admitted into our agency in the last 60 days or give a surveys. We are trying to decide which will glean more information. I am wondering what tools or techniques have been utilized by other members to direct the next steps.


Need Help! June 7, 2006

Posted by cblount in General.

I need information/statistics from agencies that have gone to all walk-ins for adjudicated adolescents or even adults.  We currently have only two counselors at our site who assess adjudicated kids and we are scheduled out through August.  The wait time for assessment appts is just growing! The counselors agree that we should bite the bullet and go to all walk-ins to alleviate the wait time knowing full well we will be swamped for a while.  Our supervisor continues to put it off.  Has anyone done this an how did you go about it?  Also, how did you convince your supervisor to try it? How did you transition from appts to all walk-ins?

 Thanks, Carrie (SWFAS) 

New Change Project: Methadone Counselor Access June 6, 2006

Posted by rredmond in General.
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My hospital (Acadia in Bangor, Maine) decided to apply rapid cycle change to a problem in our methadone program.  Clients have been no-showing for scheduled counselor appointments at a high rate and productivity has been not good.  A high percentage of clients have not even been getting to the minimum requirement of one meeting per month with their counselor.  The change team mapped out a flow chart; did two walk-thru's; and conducted a focus group with six clients.  We discovered several areas for process change but went with the most glaring issue (discovered in the focus group) – clients were plain forgetting their appointments.  We've adjusted software (using the SMART program) to produce in-clinic reminders on the computer for the dosing nurse to start reminding clients for the last five days leading up to their appointment.   When we conclude the first PDSA cycle, I'll report the results.  I'd appreciate feedback and would especially like to hear if other programs in this collaborative have tried to tackle this issue. Rick Redmond