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Need Help! June 7, 2006

Posted by cblount in General.

I need information/statistics from agencies that have gone to all walk-ins for adjudicated adolescents or even adults.  We currently have only two counselors at our site who assess adjudicated kids and we are scheduled out through August.  The wait time for assessment appts is just growing! The counselors agree that we should bite the bullet and go to all walk-ins to alleviate the wait time knowing full well we will be swamped for a while.  Our supervisor continues to put it off.  Has anyone done this an how did you go about it?  Also, how did you convince your supervisor to try it? How did you transition from appts to all walk-ins?

 Thanks, Carrie (SWFAS) 



1. Helen Singh Benn - June 23, 2006

The walk in process was an adjustment. We also had all appointments and added one screening group at a time at the Columbia Street Adult Outpatient site, until there were 4 screening groups from Monday through Thursday, then all the appointments were phased out. At our Osceola Outpatient site, we started a screening group for adults, and then put in one for adolescents 2 months later at the same time of the day to allow families who have transportation issues to come together. Hope that helps!

2. cblount - June 26, 2006

Thanks for responding Helen! That does help. Can you tell me how you do a screening ‘group’? Do they fill out paperwork by hand or on a computer system in your office? How do you do a biopsych in a group?

We are going to do a PDSA in August for two days where we plan to screen a small population of arrested adolescents from only two probation officers. We have a good plan in place, but I am very interested in this group process. It may help us to be even more efficient.


3. Angie - July 5, 2006

Hi Carrie,

The screening group takes care of completing the most necessary paperwork and the counselor spends most of the time trying to engage clients to return for their assessment or 2nd appointment. That day they also take care of their financial screening. On their second appointment the counselor and client complete the rest of the paperwork, which is not that much. I may be able to explin it better over the phone, so feel free to call me at (407) 245-0045 X248.

Hope this helps

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