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Walk in PDSA 1-SWFAS August 10, 2006

Posted by cblount in General.

We’ve begun our first PDSA for youth outpatient walk-ins today.  So far we’ve experienced a light walk in rate, but feel it will pick up in the afternoon.  We prepared well by including on our change team a JPO, admin person, and three counselors.  We even ordered and received a drug screen test that gives us the result immediately.  The good news is that we haven’t been overrun at this point and feel really prepared to make the walk-in program work. 

Carrie Blount, SWFAS



1. kaichner - August 15, 2006

Hi Carrie,

What was your AIM for this PDSA? How is it going at this point? Are you reaching your AIM?

Kim Aichner
CNYServices, Inc.

2. cblount - August 30, 2006

Hi Kim,

Our aim is to decrease the wait time for assessments. We completed our first cycle last week and on the second walk-in day we assessed nine clients. The process proved to be efficient and expedient. We succeeded in decreasing the wait time for that particular population and opening up their appointments to other clients. However, we still need more staff to make this project work in the long term to prevent burnout. We will conduct our second PDSA at the end of September and we are modifying it to include several more DJJ offices. We will have a couple of more staff on hand to help so I think it will be successful. So far, so good.

Carrie Blount

3. candypitts35279 - April 8, 2016

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