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This page contains some templates that you will be using regularly during the change leader academy:

1. CLA Monthly Update Template.

2. Change Project Form.



1. Pamela Combs - April 27, 2006

This will be the first update posting for my facility. We have been slow on starting this project, but I feel that for the month of April, we have finally met some goals. I would like to highlight some of the things that have been accomplished.
1. March 30, 2006 walk through of the admission process (starting at KRCC and ending at ARH Psychiatric ED Eval) done by Robert Jackson and myself.
2. April 7, 2006 walk through of the discharge process (starting at ARH Psychiatric Dual Unit and ending at KRCC first appointment visit) done by Dr. Dave Mathew (KRCC) and Wendy Morris (ARH Executive Director).
3. On April 10th the selected Change Team Members were brought together for their first meeting.
4. April 11th and 12th we had the “Process Improvement Kick-Off Meeting” with Jay and Betta (Change Team Members participated). After this meeting the Executive Sponsors and Change Team Leader met, and it was decided that each (KRCC and ARH) would have a Change Team working on separate processes, but processes that will effect each others. And as needed the two different Change Team will come together to work on each other’s program as needed.
5. April 20th Change Team met and flowcharted “Improving Discharge Process for Dual Dx Patients”, using the techniques learned at the “Process Improvement Kick-Off Meeting”.
6. April 26th Change Team met and results of flowcharting and brainstorming of “Improving the Discharge Process for Dual Dx Patient” was reviewed.
Finally, we have selected an improvement process to focus on, that we call in “In The Know”. At present resource information on Narcotic and Alcohol Anonymous is provided on the day of discharge. So, we want to improve on providing Dual Dx patients resource information earlier in admission, so that the patient will feel an increase in knowledge of what resources are available to him or her after being discharged. We already have baseline line data for first quarter 2006 and will be able to measure for improvement through our patient satisfaction question # 9.
I know this may not seem a lots been accomplished compared to other facilities, but I am very proud of what this team has done. We have several barriers we must work with, one being we are a psychiatric hospital and patient care must come before meetings, so we have to work around the teams patient schedules. I’m proud to report, I have a very supportive Executive Sponsor, who is so committed to this ideal that any time I cannot be available, she will step up as the Change Leader.

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